FSC® Certified.

As a business that's been running for over 30 years we know that our employees and customers care about where our timber comes from, and the impact it may have on the people and the environment from which its sourced.

Many timber and paper suppliers will tell you, unknowingly, that their supplies are from 'sustainable' or managed' sources. Without an independent certification system, there is often no way of verifying that the wood we buy is sourced from responsible sources.

The FSC® system is based on the principle that to be sure a piece of wood comes from a well-managed forest, you must be sure of two things: firstly that the forest of origin can be proven to be managed responsibly; and secondly that the piece of wood supplied can be guaranteed to come from certified forest sources. The FSC® rigorously checks both of these elements through full chain of custody certification. Suppliers and purchasers can be sure that independent auditors have checked the forest source at every level of the supply chain.

That is why we at Stagecraft believe certification to be so important, and that all suppliers and customers alike should be proactively searching for FSC® labels on products.

FSC certified


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